What is VPN and how to use it

You’ve probably heard of VPN, or at least seen it in your phone settings screen. What does it actually stand for, and why is it useful? Below, we’ll look at what VPN is and how it helps to protect your privacy. In fact, I’ll show you why it’s as essential to your digital hygiene as flossing is to dental!

What is and how to recognize phishing

Phishing is a type of cyber attack in which a hacker tries to steal your personal information. A phishing attack is executed using “bait”. The bait is usually an email, which is made to look like it came from someone else. It could also be a website disguised to look like another, such as Google or your bank, where the attacker wants you to insert your login credentials. You think you are logging into a familiar service, while your username and password are actually sent to the hacker. In a worst case scenario, the hacker might get ahold of your credit card information, which in turn enables him to make payments using your account.

Choosing a secure PIN code

A PIN code is usually a four-digit number. That’s surprisingly insecure, considering the importance of the data it protects. A four-digit code and a plastic card is all that protects your money, for example. Another mere four numbers protect your phone’s SIM card. You don’t want either of them to fall into the wrong hands.

Choosing secure and memorable passwords

There is nothing less secure than password that is written down. A password you can’t remember will get written down – there is nothing you can do about it. That’s why a good password is not just hard to guess, but also easy to remember.